Thursday, April 04, 2013

With This Ring...

We have had these rings pretty much from the get go.
 We knew from the offset how we wanted our wedding bands to be, so pretty much as soon as we set a date we went and ordered them.

They were a pretty large amount of our budget, but we agreed that no expense was to be spared on the rings we plan on wearing for the rest of our lives.

We based both mine and Luke's wedding band on my engagement ring.

White gold with diamonds and sapphires.

Luke opted for a plain band with 4 diamonds and 4 sapphires evenly spaced around it.

(Luke's Wedding Band)

I knew that i wanted a band that would link/fit into my engagement ring to make the look of one ring. I also knew i wanted it to sparkle so when we were discussing the design with our jewellery makers they showed me this 'cut' which when hit by the light dazzled the eye.

I also has 8 sapphires evenly spaced around the band.

(My Engagement Ring & Wedding Band)

I choose not to have any diamonds as i already had the diamonds in my engagement ring.

(All 3 Rings)


I also knew that i wanted my band to be quite thick, i wanted it to stand out and be a focus point, a statement to show how proud i am of my commitment to marriage.
Its that one visual show to tell the world that you have already made that bond with someone, which is why i truly believe in wedding bands.

And if you havn't guessed already, the reason we chose to have 8 stones in each ring, is to pay homage to our wedding day and anniversaries to come

June 8th 2013
(only 9 weeks away, eek)

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