Wednesday, July 17, 2013

June 8th 2013 - Our Wedding Day

Just a few of my favourite photos from the day, throughout the day...

Brooch Bouquets

Bridesmaids and Page Boys

Here Comes The Bride

Signing the Registar - Its now official 

Our First steps as Husband & Wife

Wedding Cake

Till Death Do Us Part

Wedding Party

Throwing the Bouquet - a special flower one, not the brooch one (ouch)

Our First Dance - John Legend, So High...

Thursday, April 04, 2013

With This Ring...

We have had these rings pretty much from the get go.
 We knew from the offset how we wanted our wedding bands to be, so pretty much as soon as we set a date we went and ordered them.

They were a pretty large amount of our budget, but we agreed that no expense was to be spared on the rings we plan on wearing for the rest of our lives.

We based both mine and Luke's wedding band on my engagement ring.

White gold with diamonds and sapphires.

Luke opted for a plain band with 4 diamonds and 4 sapphires evenly spaced around it.

(Luke's Wedding Band)

I knew that i wanted a band that would link/fit into my engagement ring to make the look of one ring. I also knew i wanted it to sparkle so when we were discussing the design with our jewellery makers they showed me this 'cut' which when hit by the light dazzled the eye.

I also has 8 sapphires evenly spaced around the band.

(My Engagement Ring & Wedding Band)

I choose not to have any diamonds as i already had the diamonds in my engagement ring.

(All 3 Rings)


I also knew that i wanted my band to be quite thick, i wanted it to stand out and be a focus point, a statement to show how proud i am of my commitment to marriage.
Its that one visual show to tell the world that you have already made that bond with someone, which is why i truly believe in wedding bands.

And if you havn't guessed already, the reason we chose to have 8 stones in each ring, is to pay homage to our wedding day and anniversaries to come

June 8th 2013
(only 9 weeks away, eek)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Send it in a Letter

3 months and 4 days till I become Mrs Kayley Jane Facey

I can not tell if I am more scare and anxious or super excited. Im not scared about marrying him, I knew from the first week i met him I was going to marry him, but standing in front of all them people...arghhhh

Im so anxious about how close it is aswell because i still have sooo much do. I still have the last few invites to send out, its thats crazy. At least they are all finished with now though. It was a very much long winded process.

I knew how i sort of wanted them and what i wanted to include in them, it was just a matter of getting it all drawn up, edited, printed and put together with a few fiddly hand bits along the way...

(first initial sketch)

Once I had my sketch for the main imagery sorted out i scanned the image in and produced the wording on my trusty mac.
Then a few lines and swirls added in around it and i had the main informative part of the invite done and dusted

(finished evening reception invite)

Next was my R.S.V.Ps. I didnt want the usual plain returns that you normally see, i very much wanted all the aspects of these invites to be very visual.
 but at the same time i didnt want the returns to be too over the top.

(Printed and ready for the scissors)

Next came the not so fun bit of making the Accomodation List and Directions. because there was going to be a vast amount of information and wording on here i wanted to keep the imagery very simple again.


Now i had all the contents of the wedding invitations printed out on our snazzy paper and put in order it was a matter of next large task

envelope making

This took what felt like forever. i made each envelope by hand, drawing up the pattern, cutting it out and glueing it together. All the large red envlopes to hold everything in and all the little red envelopes for the R.S.V.Ps to be returned in.

however long winded it was i definately felt it added the personal touch to the invites and everyone so far has commented on how unique they are.

So well worth it i think!!

(Stuffing Envelopes)

And the last part of it all was creating what it was to be sent in
I knew that i did not want the usual envelope that gets opened and then discarded. So i opted for a fold out envelope that the information can be attached to.

Once again i drew out my own pattern and cut them all out one by one. I must say this was the easiest part to it all and the most rewarding because once they were all cut out and everything attached to them, i could look at the finished piece.

I was so happy with them.

It was then a matter of the finishing touches, i few gems here and there and the names and address and then...

the wax seal!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Well this post will begin with a great big OUCH!!

I managed to smash my hand in a fire door at work a week and a bit ago, and even though it may off hurt like crazy, meant a trip to the hospital and being in pain for a while, it was some how...

A blessing in disguise...

Luckily it was my left hand, so i still had the ability to use my right hand with no bother, and seeing as I am right handed, this was very lucky.

I got signed off from work for a week, not being able to drive, clean, go to the gym, even wash my hair (i had to wait for the fiance to come home from work to do my hair, Luckily I'm marrying a hairdresser :) ) all i was left with was drawing up my "save the dates". 

Which really needed to be started as they need to be sent out within the next month.


I sort off had an idea in my head, i wanted to incorporate aspects which will be appearing on our wedding day into the save the dates.

These aspects included

  • Feathers (Luke bought me a ostrich feathers quill on the day he proposed)
  • Crown (I am a huge royalist so i love all things Queenie. Luke took me to the Tower of London for my birthday to see the crown jewels, which also happened to be the day he proposed)
  • Fleur de Lis (Luke loves this symbol, just because its pleasing to the eye, so i said it could go in)
  • Filigree (Classy, beautiful, i have it tattooed on my body, you get the picture)
  • Me and Luke (Well...they need to know who it came from)

This is what happened once all placed together...

And a trip to the stationary shop, some snazzy posh paper later

and wolah...

A bunch of Save the Dates, all ship shape and ready to be sent out

Next Year I Will Be A Wife

How super crazy is that.

Time has just gone so much faster then i actually thought it would. I have had a few months off planning the major wedding factors, such as the venue, caterers etc. But now I am back at it again.

Photographs I feel are a big factor of the day and so I am needing to phone the photographer that me and Luke want.. it's just a matter of getting time to arrange it. I have to get it done pretty soon as i want to pop down to our venue in the next few months to have a wander around and discuss possible settings for the photos to be taken.

And I am so excited!!!

i cant wait to go back and see our venue again and fall madly in love with it even more...
I wish i had taken some photos of it when i was down there to view it.. so i will just have to take some photos of the website to show you

Its an amazing setting called 'Priory Hall'.

Even the drive to it is amazing, driving through winding country lanes with beautiful cottages and farms on either side.

(From the front)

 (That will be me in just over a year)

The surrounding grounds are out off this world. 

Once you enter through the front gates your in this little world. from all around you all you can see is land, Trees, fields, stables, ponds, as far as your eye can see. secret gardens, orchards, you could spend hours exploring it. 

And it will be all ours for a whole day :)

 (pond at the bottom of the patio, where we have our after ceremony drinks)
(Marque for our sit down meal and speeches)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Bag A Bargain

Super pleased with myself

So... Me and the hubby to be have a meeting with a caterer on Sunday, to discuss our menu and some prices. No Way in hell am i paying £5 for a piece of cake for 80 people a head, do the maths, its ridiculous.

So... I have decided that the logical thing to do is place a dessert table in the marquee with loads of cakes, chocolate, profiteroles, cheesecake, cupcakes etc. That way it will be 10 million times cheaper, and it will all be fresh because it will all be homemade cooking. My mums ace at making banana cake (my fave cake in the whole wide world) I have a best friend who makes cakes and cupcakes for a living, I'm sure she wont mind lending a hand (it can be her bridesmaid duty) my nan is famous for her fruit cake (i cant stand it, so this is said from others) and i must admit, I'm a dab hand too at a bit of baking myself.

Any way

Like i said, i want to set out a table all by itself allocated as the afters table. i have this idea of a long rectangular table covered in lace clothe, with vintage inspired cake stands and plates and trays filled to the brim with sweet treats.

Off course... as I'm not willing to pay, something stupid like £30 for one vintage themed cake stand. i have decided to sort the china wear myself ( aka, charity shop hunting)

I love charity shops, i don't do the clothes or shoes, and especially not the underwear from them, no thank you. i love the little nit bits you can find, a pleasant candle holder, amazing books, frames, they are the best for vintage cast iron mirrors, as my bedroom walls can tell you. In fact yesterday i even managed to talk the better half into buying me a beautiful cast iron white filigree themed mirror out of one for Christmas :)
I also found, wait for it... a stunning set of china wear, with the most amazing paintings and filigree on them. PERFECT

I managed to get
  • 5 large plates
  • 4 smaller plates
  • 6 saucers
  • 6 dishes
  • 5 cups
all for .......... £2 (the biggest bargain i have ever snapped up!!

And I'm just so IN LOVE with them

The full range

The 3 sets of plates

Cup and saucer

Plates and cup

plates, cup, dish

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Memories

Memorable keepsakes

I know we all come into this life with nothing and we pretty much leave with nothing too. And how our greatest pocessions should be nothing but our family, friends, health, happiness etc. and believe me...

my most favourite thing in my world is my family...

...but i would be devastated if i lost my most valuable possessions, and when i say valuable i mean to my heart and most certainly not my pocket.

My Dad (and my future husband) go on about how much 'junk' i have in my room. My hubby to be complains because he wants our future home to be minimalist and clear of clutter (his marrying the wrong person) and Dad moans about all the nails i put into his walls and ceilings to place my 'crap' on.

I Love My much

I long for my family home just for me and Luke to grow old in and raise children in, filled with all our stuff and photos and keep sakes and memories. But oh how im going to miss my room.

I love clutter and the way its decorated and how homely it feels, its my space full of my things and my memories. Pretty much every item in my room can tell a story.

Coke glass bottle taken from some bar me and Luke were at, filled with 3 dried roses from the first bunch of flowers Luke ever bought me. Standing next to a ostrich feather quill Luke bought me on my 23rd birthday (the day he asked me to marry him)

Engagement party keep sake

This mirrored frame is something i made. i bought a plain white frame and asked my sisters boyfriend to smash up some mirrors i had

'im very supersticious so wouldnt even contimplate doing that myself'

with the pieces of mirror i placed them in a mosaic style around the edge. I wanted a special frame to place a special picture in. That picture is the one shown below...

I apologise for the bad quality

We held our engagemnet party at a pub on the island, which just so happens to be one of the oldest buildings still remaining. With in the pub on the wooden beams around the building, there are photos hung up showing regualars and staff etc through out the years.

There was even some photos there of some of our geusts.

Well i saw this one and thought it was so romantic and loving, i just fell in love with it. Standing with my soon to be sister in law under the photo at the time, i showed her and said how it would be nice to have as a reminder of our engement party.

Next thing i know, shes taken it down and shoved it down my top.

I dont think i will ever forget that moment, priceless...

I want to try and incorporate this photo into the wedding somehow, maybe on the invitations or centrepiece decorations. Im not sure, but i will keep you informed.

This is my most recent keepsake to be hung on my wall. I saw the vintage style frame and just had to buy it, what for i didnt know at the time. Well im glad i did purchase it, as now it is a home for the photos that were taken of the week me and Luke had off from work, to celebrate his 30th birthday.

And its also given me a idea for decorations to have placed around at our wedding...

Corner 1
Corner 2
Corner 3
Corner 4
Wall 1
Wall 1
Child hood teddy and new ones from Luke
Piggy collection
Piggy and Queen collection
More queen and Royal family collection (books)
Collection of Art books