Friday, September 09, 2011

Bag A Bargain

Super pleased with myself

So... Me and the hubby to be have a meeting with a caterer on Sunday, to discuss our menu and some prices. No Way in hell am i paying £5 for a piece of cake for 80 people a head, do the maths, its ridiculous.

So... I have decided that the logical thing to do is place a dessert table in the marquee with loads of cakes, chocolate, profiteroles, cheesecake, cupcakes etc. That way it will be 10 million times cheaper, and it will all be fresh because it will all be homemade cooking. My mums ace at making banana cake (my fave cake in the whole wide world) I have a best friend who makes cakes and cupcakes for a living, I'm sure she wont mind lending a hand (it can be her bridesmaid duty) my nan is famous for her fruit cake (i cant stand it, so this is said from others) and i must admit, I'm a dab hand too at a bit of baking myself.

Any way

Like i said, i want to set out a table all by itself allocated as the afters table. i have this idea of a long rectangular table covered in lace clothe, with vintage inspired cake stands and plates and trays filled to the brim with sweet treats.

Off course... as I'm not willing to pay, something stupid like £30 for one vintage themed cake stand. i have decided to sort the china wear myself ( aka, charity shop hunting)

I love charity shops, i don't do the clothes or shoes, and especially not the underwear from them, no thank you. i love the little nit bits you can find, a pleasant candle holder, amazing books, frames, they are the best for vintage cast iron mirrors, as my bedroom walls can tell you. In fact yesterday i even managed to talk the better half into buying me a beautiful cast iron white filigree themed mirror out of one for Christmas :)
I also found, wait for it... a stunning set of china wear, with the most amazing paintings and filigree on them. PERFECT

I managed to get
  • 5 large plates
  • 4 smaller plates
  • 6 saucers
  • 6 dishes
  • 5 cups
all for .......... £2 (the biggest bargain i have ever snapped up!!

And I'm just so IN LOVE with them

The full range

The 3 sets of plates

Cup and saucer

Plates and cup

plates, cup, dish

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