Monday, April 30, 2012

Next Year I Will Be A Wife

How super crazy is that.

Time has just gone so much faster then i actually thought it would. I have had a few months off planning the major wedding factors, such as the venue, caterers etc. But now I am back at it again.

Photographs I feel are a big factor of the day and so I am needing to phone the photographer that me and Luke want.. it's just a matter of getting time to arrange it. I have to get it done pretty soon as i want to pop down to our venue in the next few months to have a wander around and discuss possible settings for the photos to be taken.

And I am so excited!!!

i cant wait to go back and see our venue again and fall madly in love with it even more...
I wish i had taken some photos of it when i was down there to view it.. so i will just have to take some photos of the website to show you

Its an amazing setting called 'Priory Hall'.

Even the drive to it is amazing, driving through winding country lanes with beautiful cottages and farms on either side.

(From the front)

 (That will be me in just over a year)

The surrounding grounds are out off this world. 

Once you enter through the front gates your in this little world. from all around you all you can see is land, Trees, fields, stables, ponds, as far as your eye can see. secret gardens, orchards, you could spend hours exploring it. 

And it will be all ours for a whole day :)

 (pond at the bottom of the patio, where we have our after ceremony drinks)
(Marque for our sit down meal and speeches)

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