Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Memories

Memorable keepsakes

I know we all come into this life with nothing and we pretty much leave with nothing too. And how our greatest pocessions should be nothing but our family, friends, health, happiness etc. and believe me...

my most favourite thing in my world is my family...

...but i would be devastated if i lost my most valuable possessions, and when i say valuable i mean to my heart and most certainly not my pocket.

My Dad (and my future husband) go on about how much 'junk' i have in my room. My hubby to be complains because he wants our future home to be minimalist and clear of clutter (his marrying the wrong person) and Dad moans about all the nails i put into his walls and ceilings to place my 'crap' on.

I Love My much

I long for my family home just for me and Luke to grow old in and raise children in, filled with all our stuff and photos and keep sakes and memories. But oh how im going to miss my room.

I love clutter and the way its decorated and how homely it feels, its my space full of my things and my memories. Pretty much every item in my room can tell a story.

Coke glass bottle taken from some bar me and Luke were at, filled with 3 dried roses from the first bunch of flowers Luke ever bought me. Standing next to a ostrich feather quill Luke bought me on my 23rd birthday (the day he asked me to marry him)

Engagement party keep sake

This mirrored frame is something i made. i bought a plain white frame and asked my sisters boyfriend to smash up some mirrors i had

'im very supersticious so wouldnt even contimplate doing that myself'

with the pieces of mirror i placed them in a mosaic style around the edge. I wanted a special frame to place a special picture in. That picture is the one shown below...

I apologise for the bad quality

We held our engagemnet party at a pub on the island, which just so happens to be one of the oldest buildings still remaining. With in the pub on the wooden beams around the building, there are photos hung up showing regualars and staff etc through out the years.

There was even some photos there of some of our geusts.

Well i saw this one and thought it was so romantic and loving, i just fell in love with it. Standing with my soon to be sister in law under the photo at the time, i showed her and said how it would be nice to have as a reminder of our engement party.

Next thing i know, shes taken it down and shoved it down my top.

I dont think i will ever forget that moment, priceless...

I want to try and incorporate this photo into the wedding somehow, maybe on the invitations or centrepiece decorations. Im not sure, but i will keep you informed.

This is my most recent keepsake to be hung on my wall. I saw the vintage style frame and just had to buy it, what for i didnt know at the time. Well im glad i did purchase it, as now it is a home for the photos that were taken of the week me and Luke had off from work, to celebrate his 30th birthday.

And its also given me a idea for decorations to have placed around at our wedding...

Corner 1
Corner 2
Corner 3
Corner 4
Wall 1
Wall 1
Child hood teddy and new ones from Luke
Piggy collection
Piggy and Queen collection
More queen and Royal family collection (books)
Collection of Art books

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